Monday, June 24, 2013

Claritin Spring In Your Step Moms Meet Up

With summer upon us, I know it is time to start watching my kids for runny noses or watery eyes.As a Claritin mom, I always keep some on hand for just those moments. When my new summer package arrived from Claritin, I knew it was going to include some backup medication too. Claritin has worked with all of us to promote safe summer fun with quick tips and tricks, easy to use products and simple to follow directions.

As always, I was thrilled with the contents of my box, which did indeed include some new Claritin products,but my favorite were these fantastic heat/ice packs. I love that these can be strapped around an arm or leg, across the neck or even circle the back. This makes them great for anyone, and so easy to use too. Just pop them in the freezer or microwave and you are done. The directions are even printed on the back of the pack for reference.

We received fabulous Preparedness Checklists for keeping track of needed things. You can refer to it to see when you had your last doctor visit or automobile check. It reminds you to toss out old medications or check the batteries on smoke alarms. I never thought of doing that myself, but it really is a simple way to make sure the important things are done on time. I will share the checklist with you later so stay tuned!

At our party, we discussed the things that cause our kids allergy attacks and what we do to prevent them. We also talked about places that have many allergy triggers and where it is best to take your children to avoid them. Of course, you cannot outrun every germ out there, so that is why we rely on Claritin to step in and fix the issue. 

I think our Spring In Your Step Meet Up went quite well. We got to spend time with other moms, discuss important issues and enjoy snacks and drinks too. Each of the ladies was able to have an ice pack and chart to take home as well.

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