Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dial It Back With Fruit 2o Party and Sweepstakes

I drink too much soda. I have to be honest, I know it is true, but I just don't try hard enough to do anything about it. I love a nice cold pop and it keeps me going throughout the day. I have tried several substitutes and always end up coming back to the sound of a fresh can opening. Either there isn't enough flavor, or it is just too flat or plain for me to drink, either way I waste half of the bottle every time. That means a huge sugar and calorie intake that I don't need at all..ugh.

As a mom and a blogger, I always try to stay open to trying new things. I try to lead by example, so when I saw the opportunity to sign up for a Fruit 2o Dial It Back party, I thought it was worth it to give it a go. This was the perfect chance to grab the girls, have a drink and chat about life. The cocktail recipes provided were simple and inexpensive to make, so I plan to use these again...and again...and again, I do love a great drink.

When my party package arrived, I was excited to see some of the flavors we received. I had been telling a few friends about this since being chosen, so I wanted to let them know what they would be sampling at the party. We were sent Watermelon, Grape,Strawberry and  Cucumber Lemon  to sample...yum! Plus they sent coupons so we could all grab a free package to try with our families. How great is that!

I made sample cups for each guest with a bottle of water and a coupon in each. Of course, we used the cups to share so we could all try several flavors instead of just one. I made copies of the included recipes for drinks and added those to each cup as well. We talked about the things we do to relax and what we would like to do more of. We also visited the Facebook App to create our profiles and see just what we needed to "Dial Back" in our lives. The app scans your posts and updates and tells you your own Dial It Back results. You can then see the areas you may be missing, or remind you of what you haven't done in awhile. You can track your progress or nudge a friend who needs encouragement.

The girls all loved the cool color changing cups and traded to get either one that turned pink or blue. The colder the contents, the brighter the colors get, how pretty! I would love to have a ton of these for summer to entertain the kids.
I have to say we were impressed with the Fruit 2o water. It had a nice smooth fruit taste,not too sour or strong. It even made a big hit with the kids who wanted us to let them have it all, instead of sampling it. Crazy children! We didn't give in to them but we did promise to buy them some later. 

**Thanks to  Mommy Parties and Fruit 2o for sending us this great new water and supplies for our party! I was able to receive this great arty pack as a member, no other compensation was received, all opinions are my own.

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