Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Perfect Husband

I have the perfect husband. I know you are probably thinking I am a little nuts for saying that, let alone writing it for all the world to see. Intellectually, I know that nobody is actually perfect. We all have our little quirks and flaws, but those are what make us individuals too.

While I am sure that to many, my husband would not be considered perfect, to me he really is all I could ever ask for. He has never raised a hand to me, or called me vicious names. He has always been there when I needed him, even when I didn't know that I did. There have been times when I don't know what I would have done without him, and there is little that I would not do for him.

I kiss my husband each night before he goes to sleep, and again every morning before he leaves. Sometimes, I find myself watching the clock as the day grows later, waiting for him to come home. I have found myself lost in watching him do the most basic things. I've never had the urge to tell him no when he wants sex, in fact I am usually awaiting the moment, every chance we get. He is amazing.

I try to remember him in all that I do, and he gives me all that he can. He's not be the richest man in the world, but I am able to comfortably stay home while he provides for our family. He never complains if something isn't perfect, and he always asks me what I want. He leaves the house and home to me, but gives me input when I ask. He helps me with the chores and deals with the kids, and isn't sitting around with a beer in his hand all night. What else could I want?

As I watch those around me struggle with their relationships, I am grateful that I don't have all that drama in mine. When one of their marriages crumbles and falls, I always think how very lucky I am. I have never had the desire to stray from my marriage, and I am secure that he feels the same. I have never wished that I chose another path, or wanted to change things. I am happy.

We have survived family and children, new additions and tragic deaths. We've dealt with struggles and issues, but we end them in the bedroom. Post coital bliss is a great time to talk calmly and without reservation. We make time for each other, and we talk every day. I wouldn't trade him for the world, or do anything to risk losing him. He is my other half, my dream, and he is perfect.

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