Thursday, May 16, 2013

Building a Beautiful Flower Garden

The past few years I have been filling my flowerbeds with whatever struck my fancy at the time. I didn't really plan ahead or consider cost, I just grabbed what I liked and went with it. Although this approach works fine when it comes to the current season, that means I also have to do it all again the next year....blah!

This year I decided to try something different and actually plan out what I wanted to do. I started by looking on Pinterest for ideas. I found some really cute things during my search and decided to use one of them in my planning. The topsy turvy planter was really easy to make. I grabbed some basic pots with holes in the bottom from Rural King ( the local farm/feed store). I also grabbed a shepherds hook and some Rustoleum spray paint in bright, bold colors.

After painting the pots and letting them dry, I grabbed my spade, soil and plants and got started. It was pretty simple to assemble, starting with the large pot, filling it and planting the flowers, then setting the next one at the correct angle and repeating the process. The whole assembly took less than an hour, and I have a super cute centerpiece.

My sister told me about the Pinterest picture she had seen for making garden mushrooms, so I decided to try those too. I browsed the aisles of the thrift stores, trying this with that, until I found the perfect match of old vases and bowls for three mushrooms. I grabbed some more of my trusty Rustoleum spray in different colors and some Gorilla Glue for bonding. I sprayed the pieces to get the look I wanted, and after they dried I hand painted the spots with enamel paint. Next I glued the tops on the bottoms and let them dry before putting them in their new homes. The biggest one was shaped so that I made it into a planter too for extra flair.

I surrounded this with several shades of Calibrachoas, some Bi-color Hens and Chicks, a couple of Azaleas and some Lewisia. I am trying to stick with perennials this time so I don't have to do this all again next year. I already had some fabulous Dragons Blood Sedum that has spread about 5 times it's original size since last summer, so with my garden stones and some color changing solar lights, my bed is now complete. Including paint and supplies, I think I have about $150 in it. Now I just need the plants to start spreading and fill in the open spots for the perfect look. Wish me luck!

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