Sunday, May 12, 2013


I am going to start this by saying I do not go to KFC very often anymore. Here, it is a split restaurant, serving both KFC and Long John Silvers, located at a busy intersection and across town from my house. I have had several bad experiences with them, and just stopped going there.

Last week, I was browsing menus online, checking for new items and deciding what I wanted to eat for dinner. I noticed that KFC had Chicken Littles again after years without them. I loved them as a kid, so I called the local store to see if they served them, and found that they did.

When we entered the drive through, there were no other customers in line. We pulled to the order station and attempted to find what we were looking for, only to be rudely asked,"Did you want to order something?" No lady, I am just sitting in the drive through for nothing. Geez. I replied that I needed a minute and, with a huff, was told to let her know when I was ready. After a short time, she asked, "Did you need something or not?" At this point I was getting annoyed with her rudeness, so we just went ahead and ordered. My husband asked for a chicken sandwich and potato wedges and I ordered clams, a Chicken Little and fries.Pretty simple right?

We pulled around where the rude lady turned out to be a rude teenage girl. Too busy chatting to open the window, she finally acknowledged us, and was snappy when she told us our total. We paid, I asked for shrimp sauce, she rolled her eyes and with another huff, threw some in the bag. She handed us a small bag  and slammed the window. Knowing that they normally only use small bags for one or two items, I checked the bag to be sure we had everything. It turned out I was missing the potato wedges and my fries were stone cold.

I went in the store, where I found only one person ordering and a customer talking to an employee at the counter. As I waited, while several employees stood around and did nothing, I overheard (from 2 feet away) that they customer was there because she had an issue, and was due a refund on her order for finding hair in her food. Finally another teenage girl addresses me and I ask for the manager. I am told she is the one speaking beside me and since she is busy, what did I need? I held up my receipt and she said, "What did we forget?"  From the tone and the way she said it, I knew this must be a regular occurrence for them. 

I told her I was missing the wedges, and the fries were cold. With no apology, she turns and walks away. I stand there for several minutes while several teenagers "working" there stand in a group and talk. Finally the girl returns with a bag and says "Here you go". By now I am angry, so I take the bag and leave.

When I get home, I see that I had waited several minutes for a whopping 5 potato wedges thrown in the bottom of the bag, and no fries to replace the freezing cold ones they gave me. Trying to salvage something from the experience, I opened  my chicken little, which cost almost $2, to find this...

Are you kidding me? This tiny thing the size of a dipping sauce container is what all that fuss was for? I might have paid 50 cents for this, had it not been hastily thrown together and half off the bun. My 6 year old daughter can make a better looking sandwich than that. 

In the end, I dealt with several rude employees, was shorted one item and served one that should have been thrown out long before. Using the drive through was pointless since I had to go inside anyway. The manager was too busy arguing with a customer to even deal with me and my sandwich looked like a hot mess. Can you say FAIL?

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