Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clothing Shop Online Brightened My Day

With three kids who are always on the go, we are always replacing clothing. Either one of the kids has outgrown something, or they have lost or ruined it. During the school year, and into summer, the kids tend to wear a lot of tee shirts. My husband is pretty much the same way, living in tees most of the year. He wears them under his work shirts and on most of his days off too. While this allows them to be cool and comfortable, while still having a large selection of shirts to choose from, it adds up to a lot of tees on my birthday and Christmas shopping lists.

Clothing Shop Online offered me a chance to try some of their great items for review. Knowing I would be in need of shirts for the summer season, I decided to try a few of those. I selected shirts from several categories to get a better mix of the products offered. This way I could try several styles and fits to really get an idea of the quality of their products.

The first item I chose was this too cute Tie Dyed Youth Contrast Shirt. This was offered in an array of colors but I selected pink because that is Reagans' favorite color. I knew we could mix and match it with several other items to make multiple outfits for her. The colors were bright and pretty and she loved the retro look. She has received several comments on it and one friend even tried to get her to let her have it.

I selected one of the new Space Dyed shirts for myself. the color was a blend of white, black and grey, so I thought it would work well for casual or slightly dressy outfits. I love the soft feel of the material and the gracious amount of stretch this shirt has. You can pull or stretch it to get the fit you want and it goes right back to shape in the wash.
I also selected one of the Toddler Tone on Tone Pinwheel Shirts in royal blue for my nephew. I ordered this in a size 4T, which is the size he wears. When this one arrived, I thought it looked a bit small for him. I compared it to some of the shirts my younger nephew has and found it to be closer to a 2T than a 4. It measured exactly the same as several of the 2T shirts,at 14 inches long, and much smaller than the 4T ones we tried. I don't know if this was mislabeled, or if these just run small, but I ended up giving it to my 1 year old nephew instead.

My final selection was the mens Camouflage Overdyed T-shirts in blue. My husband is a fan of camo, so I thought this would be just the thing for him. We found the colors to be bold and vibrant, and the sizing to be perfect, but I liked it so well I kept it for a sleep shirt for myself!  I suggest hand washing this one or on a gentle cycle because it did seem to fade slightly after a few washes. This could just be the setting it was washed on, but I plan to wash it with delicates from now on to prevent fading.

I find that many of the shirts we buy don't last as long as I would like them to and I have not noticed any issues with these shirts so far. Through several wears and washes they have remained true to size and with no issues aside from the mentioned slight fading. I plan to grab a few more of their shirts for summer and school next year!

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