Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Papa John's, You Make Me Angry

Last week I received a card in the mail from Papa John's. It was basically an apology for messing up on my last order and offered me a free medium cheese pizza. (By messing up I mean it took them almost an hour and a half to get my order to me, when the estimated time was half of that. The order was incorrect too, so that made it a total bust and a waste of time and money. I called and complained, and was told they were sorry. That was all, just sorry. No offer to fix the order or replace it at another time, just we are sorry, followed by this card a week or so later.)

Normally I am not a plain cheese pizza kind of girl so I probably would not have even used the card. Yesterday, however, I made cheeseburgers for dinner. I hate the frozen hamburger patties that everyone else loves, so I needed a quick and easy dinner for myself,  and a free pizza was just the thing....or so I thought.

I placed my order online, using the code that clearly stated was for a FREE MEDIUM CHEESE PIZZA. I added it to my cart, only to see that I was being charged $1 for it anyway. I doubled checked the code, made sure the offer was in my cart, proceeded to order a 2 liter of soda and a Cinnapie and still there was the $1 charge for my FREE pizza, plus delivery of course. At this point I was starving so I elected to just pay the dollar and placed my order.

Once again my order arrived well past the estimated time. The driver sat outside for quite awhile in his vehicle and when he came to the door, he said he was organizing his orders. He then apologized for taking so long to get there...again. I paid the cost, delivery fee and tip and went to eat my dinner...finally.

I opened my pizza to grab a square and found big, bulky triangle slices instead. I know I had ordered square cut because I always ask for square cut, and I had been sure to check that on the order after the last time. I hate big slices of pizza with huge crust, so I didn't even want it after the wait. By now I was a little frustrated. I waited forever for a pizza that was cut wrong too...and this was supposed to make up for the mistakes made on my last order?

I grabbed the Cinnapie, at least thinking that would salvage what was left of my night, only to find it overcooked and hard. I like my food to be done, but this was way too much for me. Knowing I would only get another "sorry" if I called to complain, I just elected to not finish the food and call it a night without dinner.

Can you say angry?

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