Monday, May 20, 2013

Junkies Really Piss Me Off

I have a profound dislike for junkies. I am not saying that anyone who has ever taken a pill or smoked weed is a junkie. I am referring to those ragged out, broke down, looking like an extra for The Walking Dead kind of junkies. They piss me off.

I have recently discovered an increase in these creatures in the town where I live. We have heard of 3 different meth houses in our town lately, with one of them exploding not too long ago. This is a small town with a Speedway on both sides, and every time you go there, there is a junkie in the parking lot asking for change.

The problem I have with these people is not the fact that they have an addiction, it is the things they are willing to do to feed it. I just do not have it in me to understand the desire for a drug to the point that you will do unspeakable things for it. I cannot comprehend stealing from family, taking from your children or starving yourself just to get a fix....let alone some of the other things people will do. They always look like hell and don't seem to care about anything around them. They just annoy me.

If a junkie has kids, that is even worse. You can't tell me people don't know this freak is a drug addict. Running around with their kids looking ragged and hungry and even if you report it, they never do anything. How can you raise your kid like that? Ugh.

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