Monday, May 20, 2013

Kidecals- Durable Versatile Waterproof Labels

Kids go to so many events, meetings, parties and gatherings, it is impossible to keep track of all their belongings all the time. I have had items missing for weeks and then just show up in a backpack or laundry hamper out of nowhere. Several times during laundry, I find items that belong to their cousins, friends and neighborhood kids too. I never know what belongs to who and end up having to ask several times to figure it out.I have tried several kinds of labels before, some that worked and others that didn't, but none that worked so well I wanted to go buy them for everyone.

I am getting a chance to try a new set of labels from Kidecals, so maybe this will be the one. Kidecals labels can be used on anything from toys to clothes, so you always know what is yours and what isn't. The labels are waterproof, so no worries about the writing coming off or the label peeling, and you can even use them on toys for the pool or water park!

Washing machine and dryer safe, these can be used on all forms of clothing, washable toys, stuffed animals and more. These would work wonders with summer coming and all the sports equipment, lawn toys, sand accessories and water gear come out of storage. We can keep track of all the kids toys and still be able to take them anywhere. Plus, they can let the other kids play with them and not worry about if it comes back home with us or not.

You can also grab some allergy alert labels or Keycals, awesome decals for your computer keyboard. What a fun way to personalize your space!

Kidecals offers FREE  SHIPPING on all orders, so you know exactly what your order total will be while you are placing it.

* I will receive a set of labels as a member of US Family Guide Bloggers for posting. All opinions are my own.

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