Monday, May 13, 2013

Give the Gift of Project Hope

For many of us, the basic things in life are a given. We don't even think about where our next meal comes from or how we can provide care for our children. Some people, however, don't have such luxuries.

Project Hope, founded in 1958, is working to fix that problem. The global health humanitarian and education organization provides a variety of care to places all over the world. They provide services such as educating community health workers, fighting diseases, providing medical care, supplies,medicine and more.

I know some of you haven't bought your Mothers day gifts yet. maybe you forgot, or didn't have time. maybe mom lives far away and you couldn't be with her, or maybe you just want to send her something that can help someone else.

By visiting Project Hope, you can select your gift and give something that could save a life, treat an illness or feed a child. What better way to celebrate mom than to show her the compassion and love she has instilled in you by choosing to give to others. You can select your amount, so you only give what you can afford and even the smallest donation makes a world of difference.

$10 - provides needed medicines to children
$25 – provides 10 women with anemia screenings
$35 – sends important text messages to women with gestational diabetes
$50 –provides a cervical cancer screening  
$100- provides vaccines for 4 Children!

By sending your mother a beautiful, personalized Project HOPE Mother’s Day eCard, she’ll receive more than a token of your love. She’ll receive confirmation that the support you have pledged in her name this Mothers’ Day is helping Project HOPE meet the lifesaving medical care that mothers around the world rely on.  Visit Project HOPE’s  Mother’s Day Gift Catalog today and make your mother a part of the 1 in a 1000 Mother’s Day Campaign.

*Information provided by Blog PR Wire. I may receive a Project Hope shirt for posting. All opinions are my own.

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