Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Fantastic Fairy Garden

I have been working hard on building a fairy garden. I have a small strip of flowerbed along the side of my house that is a headache. It grows some things too well and they spill over the walkway, while others just don't seem to flourish there, no matter how much I try. This year, I decided to turn it into a fairy garden of sorts and see how that works out.

I didn't really sit down and plan anything, I would grab a flower here or a trinket there and figure out where it all went later. I have a large bed in the front too, so I was doing it at the same time. Because I have developed a fondness for succulents lately, I was looking for something to really make it pop. I thought I had found the perfect Sedum variety, only to find it was out of stock until fall...ugh. I ended up grabbing some bi-color hens and chicks. I am not normally a fan of them but these are yellow in the center followed by green and then red on the tips. Mine won't look like that for awhile, thanks to Michigan Bulb, but that is a post for later.

I grabbed some cute frogs from Factory Direct Craft and decided to make a pond and river for them to sit around. I used an old cookie tin for the pond and lined the riverbed with plastic so the rocks wouldn't mix with the mulch. I planted flowers around it and added a lighthouse at the end. Next I used a ceramic house I grabbed at the flea market, stuck a couple of flower picks beside it and made a fairy cottage.

I crafted a picnic table and wishing well from craft sticks, painted them and made a sitting area. Now I just need some little chairs. I took a small bucket from FDC , filled it with craft sequins and painted the words Fairy Dust in the side. At the far end I used another ceramic house, some wooden potted plants from FDC and more flowers to make another fairy home. I planted Lewisia, Coleus, and the hens and chicks around the area and put a color changing solar light at each end. All in all I don't think it turned out too bad. I probably have about $30 in it, not counting the supplies that I already had around the house.

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