Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Fabulous Birthday Week

The picture Reagan made me on Saturday

I turned 33 Tuesday...yep, that's right, 33. I am old. My husband is always working during the week, so we usually try to schedule celebrations or events on weekends instead. That means we are usually on the go all weekend long, all the time.

Last weekend we were celebrating my birthday early because the kids would be at school all day on Tuesday, and Brad would be working. I had no idea what I wanted to do and had told him to just choose something. I should have known better because he wanted it to be a perfect day for me. That meant he didn't want to pick the wrong thing, so he wanted to take me wherever I wanted to go...ugh.


I started my day by receiving my beautiful new ring. I normally don't go for too much pink, but I just love how the opal looks against the pink sapphires. There are two small diamonds on each side too. When we saw it in the store a few weeks before, it was the only one like it and I guess he knew I just had to have it.

We ended up going to the casino that evening, honestly for lack of anything else to do and the fact that it is reasonably close to home. We hadn't been there yet, so it was a good night for it. We found $20 on the ground as we were going in, and I took that as a lucky sign. It turned out to be true, I won around $150 on slots in about an hour and a half. We grabbed a bite to eat, which was ridiculously expensive for what it was, and ended the night about $80 ahead of where we started, which was part of my birthday gifts since I got to keep all the winnings :) I forgot to take pictures to show you though :(

On Tuesday morning my mother in law brought me a card with money and this amazing Bromeliad plant. I saw it and fell in love with it. I had mentioned it to Brad, but when his mom and I were in the store, I showed it to her too. I didn't know she went back that day and bought it because it was the only one this color. They had several yellow and orange ones, but I wanted this one.

When I checked the mail later, I found a card from my mom, and a huge 6 page lottery scratch ticket. I didn't win, but I had fun scratching all those pages! My grandmother had sent me a check and a lovely card too.
 I snagged some Betty Boop socks, a tart warmer with tarts and candles, a cute wall plaque, a Steelers bear, a pretty rose,cards and more scratch tickets too. I am probably forgetting something but that is what I remember. 

We finished with dinner out on Tuesday. I am a fan of buffets because I am so picky about my food. At least that way if I don't like what I have, I can get something else. Little did I know, my husband and the kids had arranged for them to sing Happy birthday to me while we were there. I was embarrassed beyond words, but it was cute too. I was very blessed to have such an amazing birthday week, to have received such lovely gifts and been able to spend time with my family.

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