Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's On My Mind

Why do some people think they have to put every aspect of their lives on Facebook? I can at least understand this somewhat from social media involved individuals,but some of the things I see on Facebook make me cringe.Why would you put your personal drama out there for the world to see?

I wonder how many parents know where their kids are after school.I pick my boys up from the bus stop every day..no exceptions.I am amazed at the number of kids walking home alone or hanging out and not even going home.Hello people..ever heard of child molesters,rapists and murderers? I don't mean teenage kids,I am talking about 5 and 6 year old children just left to get home on their own.Our bus stop is not in view of most of the homes,yet probably 60% of the parents are nowhere to be seen.Ugh..this really pisses me off!

Why do stores feel the need to put Christmas crap on display before Halloween even gets here? I want to see skulls and ghosts at this time of year not snowmen and Santa..wtf?

Are they ever going to stop putting more judge shows on television? I enjoy a little smart ass litigation every now and then but really..there are like 20 of them and they are on all day long..geez.

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