Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shopfruit with Fruit of the Loom

I hate shopping for underwear and bras.I go into the store,find the right section and start the hunt.I always get a few minutes in and find something I just love...until I see it doesn't come in my size..or does but digs into my skin the whole time I am wearing it.Being large chested,this happens to me often.It is so difficult to find a bra that suits all my needs and fits comfortably too.

If I am sitting at work,home or somewhere mostly stationary,I don't mind a more rigid style of bra.You know what I mean,those pretty, lace and silk numbers we all have.For the times when I am chasing 5 or 6 kids,running errands and working out,though,I need something that helps support me without cutting off my circulation or digging into my shoulders and sides.

I was sent a nice package from Fruit of the Loom to try their line of products.I received two different styles of  bras to try.The first was the Shirred Front Racerback Sports Bra.These have a more narrow back that leads to the straps.I usually don't have much luck with these,so I was a bit concerned about trying them at first.I decided to wear one to the park with my friend and our little ones for a trial run.I was pleased that it actually did fit comfortably,and was able to contain "the twins" with no problems.After about 8 hours,I did start to feel a pinch in my shoulders,but I think this may have been due to the bra being brand new and not fit to my body quite yet.I also like that the band isn't constricting in these.I had no marks or soreness which has been a problem with other brands.These are great for a light workout and running,providing great support without  giving up a nice curvy look.I hate having my breasts smashed together to fit into a sports bra!

The second style I received was even better than the first.The Tank Style Sports Bra have a back designed  like a tank.Wider bands and an incredibly soft,comfortable lining made these a new must have in my life.Wearing these was such a relief for me.The bras are sturdy and cover the entire breast,both in the front and on the sides.No hanging over the edges or bulging in the front if you move around too much.There was nothing about the design,style,fit or material that I didn't like.I would have picked different colors,as I am not a big fan of blue or white,but all in all I couldn't have been happier.

The last item I received to try was a set of super comfy Boyleg Underwear.These have a nice,soft edge with a cute see through design.The waist band is flexible and the back rides just above the leg for a super fit.Not to mention,they get a  thumbs up from the husband.These are just enough to be sexy,without being too much for every day use.

I am very pleased with the items I tried.Not only would I recommend them to you for every day comfort and value,I plan to get more for me too! Right now you can use the code B2BFRUIT to save $5 off your order.Visit Shopfruit for your back to school needs,to stock up for you, or to get a jump start on Christmas. The code is good until October 31st 2011.

*I was sent the mentioned items as a member of Business 2 Blogger to form a review.The opinions are my own and I am not responsible if you don't agree with them.

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Glad you enjoyed the product! Thanks for writing such a wonderful review!