Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our K12 Experience

I am homeschooling my daughter this year for Kindergarten.I did the same with both of my boys,so it is nothing new.Well I guess it is a little new because we are using K12.I actually discovered K12 through their television commercials by luck.I had previously been using ECOT,but when I called to enroll Reagan,they had a waiting list.Not wanting her to miss any school,I called K12 and got her in quickly and easily.

The enrollment process is basically the same as public school.I emailed them the required birth certificate,shot records,etc. and filled out the application.once she was accepted,we were mailed the supplies she would need this year.When they told me they were sending supplies,I couldn't have know just how much  stuff was headed our way.

I had selected to use our home computer,but by accident they mailed me one anyway.The boxes arrived containing a brand new HP Officejet,a computer with flat screen monitor,headphones,microphone,keyboard,mouse and all the wires,cables etc to set it up.I did choose to send that back because mine is already here and perfectly suitable for her to use,but it was a very nice system regardless.

What really impressed me though,was the next shipment that I received.I opened the first box to find a complete PhonicsWorks system,workbooks and teachers manuals and over 20 different books including Madeline,The Velveteen Rabbit and the Random House Book of Fairy Tales.

The next one contained counting cubes,a map and inflatable globe plus 2D and 3D shapes for sorting,grouping,patterns,counting and more.There were dry erase lap boards with markers and magnetic boards with numbers,colors and the alphabet for phonics and reading,

 Plus,everything came in these neat reusable boxes which feature written ideas inside for how to reuse them.These are great activities for the kids to do using their imagination to make these into a supply box,book case and many more ideas.

So far I am not only following the curriculum,but adding in my own lessons as well.Reagan seems to be enjoying it and has been right on track with the lessons and activities.I will give you updates as the year goes along,but if you are looking for a computer based home school option,I suggest K12.

* I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am just sharing my experience with a new school.

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