Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet and Simple Bath Salts from the Desiderio Gallery

Have I told you how much I love bath accessories? I probably have,but just in case,I am saying it again.I love to have nice,good smelling,additions to my bath water.I enjoy soaking in the evenings and nothing makes it better than to add in a little bubble bath,oil beads or bath salts.

Speaking of bath salts,that is the point of my post.I was sent a sample tin of the  Sweet and Simples Bath Salts thanks to The Desiderio Gallery.I really didn't care which scent I received,so I left that up to the sponsor to decide.I was sent the Rosemary Grapefruit sampler tin to try,which was a great choice for me.I like fruity smells and this one delivered just that.Not too strong but just enough scent that you could tell it was there,I really liked these bath salts.I also like the sound of the Eucalyptus Mint and the Jasmine Lavender,you know,if anyone reading this needs a gift idea for me.

Made from organic and natural ingredients,these contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives.The hand labeled corked glass bottles and pint canning jars are reusable and recyclable,so you can be green while you relax and enjoy these luxurious bath salts.You can even work with them to do a custom fragrance blend.My only complaint is that I want more.I used the 1.5 oz. sampler tin in about 3 or 4 baths,and now it is gone..sniff,sniff.

             The Desiderio Gallery offers unique selections in other categories as well.I love this girls tutu

                                                     and these beautiful butterfly hair pins

They not only feature their own items,but sell items hand made in the US and Canada for other designers and artists as well.I really liked everything I saw on the site.I browsed the hair,bath and kids categories and found each of the above mentioned favorites and more.For a very unique gift or something to treat yourself,visit The Desiderio Gallery.

* I was sent the mentioned item in order to form a review.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own from my experience.

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