Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Handpainted Personalized Lunchbags from Not Too Shabbey

Well school has officially been under way for 3 weeks now and I am ready for summer again.It seems like the wants,needs,have to haves never stop during the school year.My boys aren't that fond of public school and because of that,I try to do everything I can to make it better for them.One of the ways I do this is by getting them things that the other kids don't have.This gives them something to talk about and has led to many new friends.When I was given the chance to try these super cool hand-painted,personalized lunch bags from the Not Too Shabbey Etsy shop.

There were several colors to choose from but Aiden picked green because it matches his Skechers..go figure.He was able to select from various designs and fonts for his name.This is what he decided on.The bag arrived rather quickly,especially being that it is hand painted and personalized.The bag measures 9 "H x 6.5 " W x 4 " D and is made from high density thermal insulation to keep your food nice and fresh.Drop in an ice pack and send anything you want in their lunches..or yours!

Aiden has used this bag several times with no tears or fading of the designs.Being an 8 year old boy,he is a little rough with things,but even tossing this into his backpack at the end of the day caused no damage to it at all.Not to mention the attention he received from the other kids at school.You can also get backpacks,pencil cases and water bottles to match!

There are many other cute items in this shop aside from the lunch bags.How about these beautiful hand painted Colorful Leaves Glasses.Done in multiple colors,with silver and gold thrown in for sparkle,these are just amazing.

I love this Cream Rose Cake Dome too! Look how lovely this is.This would be a perfect gift for any baking lady,georgous and useful too!

* I was sent the mentioned item in order to do a review.The opinions are my own and not influenced by receiving the item.

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Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Those look so cute! My kids love things with their name on it!!!