Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nature Raised Farms Chicken Moms Meet Gathering

I have been trying more and more to eat a healthy, well balanced diet. I have tried to take small steps, like cutting back on soda and minimizing sweets and junk food. I have also tried to make meals with more fresh ingredients and less canned or packaged foods. I am trying to include more protein but am not a big meat eater so that is an issue for me at times. One meat I do eat regularly is chicken. I only eat chicken breast and only if it has no fat or gristle in it. That means I have to cut off all the excess before I use or freeze the meat.

Having been offered a chance to try Nature Raised Farms chicken as part of a promotion for Moms Meet,   I decided to use it for skewers and chopped with peppers and onions to eat with veggies, rice or noodles  for my share gathering. I wanted to serve it a couple different ways and with different seasonings, just to see if the taste varied any.

I was surprised to find that this didn't have too much extra fat around it, and my waste pile was much smaller than I am used to. The meat cooked nice and evenly and came out looking delicious. I notice that natural chicken has it's own flavor. I guess it is the lack of additives that you actually taste, but I can always tell the difference. Either way it was really good both ways and I will be buying this again.

I love that this package has four individual compartments of chicken. Each section has around one pound of chicken in it, and they can be easily cut apart for storage in the freezer. I have a tough time finding chicken packaged the way I like. It is usually in bulk, which means more cutting and dividing for me. I would much rather have it come in packs like this.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Nature Raised Farms chicken. You can always tell if something was good by the food left on the kids plates. This time they all cleaned every bite, so they must have really liked it. As for the adults, some of them are like me and can taste the natural flavor, while others said they didn't notice any difference, but would still buy this if they found it where they shopped. I think most of them were only discouraged that I had to go to Sam's to get it, until we discovered they could find it at Target and Meijer here too.

*I was supplied with a gift card to purchase the chicken from Moms Meet and Sam's Club. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own or that of my guests.

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