Saturday, July 12, 2014

Label Daddy Makes Identifying Your Items A Snap

My daughter is terrible at keeping track of her stuff. It seems like every time she goes to a birthday party or sleepover, she is always leaving something behind, and I cannot tell you how many items have been left at school. Sometimes these items are found later, but many times they are not. After losing so many of her things, we decided the best way to go was to label them. Of course, that doesn't help if some kid decides to take it home with them, but it helps for the ones that are just lost or misplaced.  

The wonderful people at Label Daddy sent some too cute labels to help my daughter solve her issues. She was able to select from a variety of design options, including Marvel, Disney, sports and basic themes. Because she is fascinated with Frozen, that is the design she chose to go with. They turned out really cute too!

Creating your labels is simple and quick. There are multiple items to select from including the Camp and School packs, luggage tags, photo stickers and much more in a variety of sizes and options. 
You decide which label package you want, chose your theme and character/icon, and what you want them to say. It's that easy. We were able to create her sample labels in seconds. 

The only issue I had was the labels are a bit too long to fit her tags. I tried and tried but could not get them to fit exact, so I had to fold them over the edges on some of her clothing. This wasn't a big deal and had no effect on how well the labels stuck, but I wanted to mention it anyway. 

Although we wanted these primarily for clothing, they actually stuck quite well to other things too. She has used them on her books, nail polish bottles, backpack and a ton of other things and they have stayed put everywhere we used them. 

*I was sent sample items for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 

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