Thursday, July 24, 2014

Have You Visited TopHatter Auctions?

I love finding the best deals I can on anything. I am not saying I will buy the cheapest version, but I will browse and spend time getting something I really want for the best price. One of my favorite places to spend a little browsing time is at TopHatter. If you aren't familiar with them, you should be. I have purchased through them and loved the item I received. Plus it's just fun to participate in the LIVE AUCTIONS. Yes, you read that right. They run live auctions for a wide variety of items, and whatever the highest bid is wins.

I visited today and joined a dollar auction. The bids started at only a dollar with low shipping costs. I saw a beautiful set of earrings, a USB charger and several other items while I was there. I even bid on a Tree of Life necklace, but I came in too late on that one.

They have autions for jewelry, home decor, linens, electronics and more. I could spend hours jumping from auction to auction bidding on things. If only my husband wouldn't have a heart attack after!

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