Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coobie Seamless Sports Bras

I have problems finding bras that fit. I can find them to fit around my chest, but the cup size is always too small. I have tried so many different bras and none of them work when I really need support. I am always adjusting and trying to keep the "girls" from falling out all over the place. I recently accepted a review offer from the great people at Coobie, who sent me a couple of their Seamless Bra styles to see if they could help solve the issue. I was excited to find out if they might actually be what I needed!

The first thing I noticed about these bras was how silky the material feels. They are nice and smooth with a little shine to them. I loved that they were not hard to get on like some of the sports bras I have tried. I have literally found myself stuck in a new bra, desperately struggling to get the thing to slide down where it goes. I didn't have any problems getting these bras on, but as always the ladies were not cooperating. I tried and tried, but I couldn't get them to fit exactly as I wanted.

Even though the cup size was slightly too small, I was able to at least do some housework and things outside so I could see how they felt while working or doing other activities. I was impressed with how comfortable the bras really were. Not that having my breasts fall out is comfortable, but if the cups were bigger, I would buy these in a minute. They gave me great support and felt almost like I wasn't even wearing a bra. These come in two sizes and they should fit anyone with a D cup or under with no problems, and comfortably too. If you are more blessed than that like I am, these are not for you. I hope they decide to make a larger size for us hard-to-fit ladies!

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