Thursday, November 11, 2010

Report Card Time

Last week was the end of the first grading period for my boys.That means this week they brought home their report cards for the first time in 3rd and 4th grade.I really don't worry too much about their grades because I know how they are doing.They bring home graded papers each day and I go over their work with them when needed.Of course,it might just be that they know the consequences of bad grades in this house too.I do not allow failure from them in school and will not accept "average" work from them.

I have been told this is mean but I disagree.My boys are capable of achieving better then average grades,so why should they settle for less.I am proud to report that both Gage and Aiden are on honor roll this quarter and Aiden was chosen Student of the Month for November.They each have all A averages with the exception of math where they both have a B.This is good enough for me..not perfect but still great.I am trying to teach them that they need to get a great education-good is just not enough these days.

We reward the kids for going the extra mile,so they are due for a prize this week with a special one for Aidens Student of the Month Award.Usually they pick something like Silly Bands or action figures,but I guess I will find out soon enough what it will be this time.

On a side note-Aiden has brought home so many certificates this year that he almost has a whole side of the refrigerator full.Once he covers the surface he gets a big reward-that is really a lot of awards in just 9 weeks.

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