Friday, November 12, 2010

Fuzzoodles Fun with the Brat Pack and Their Friends

My kids are always saying the phrase,"Mommy,I want..." followed by whatever new thing they saw on television,in the store aisle,online or in a catalog.I have heard this about so many things,I couldn't begin to tell you all of them.If they can this will be followed by a grabbing of the arm and pulling me toward the source of their excitement.Some of the things they mention I dismiss for various reasons,but some of them I file away for later.

When I was contacted by HouseParty Palooza  to host a Fuzzoodles Party,I remembered the name,and readily agreed.My kids had mentioned Fuzzoodles before and I had even caught an ad or two,but I really never knew how cute they were until I saw them in person.
I opened my party kit to find lots of "bodies" for the kids Fuzoodles people
Each kit has a booklet with instructions and ideas

The kids had a blast trying out the different combinations.

This is one I started to show you the steps.It is pretty simple.Choose a set of eyes or eye.Slide the hooked end through the bent fuzzy wire body and twist.I then added a single fuzzy wire to make the arms

These are some of my favorite creations

We had colored cookies,wacky styles plates and accessories,fruity punch,costume sandwiches in shapes like poodle skirts,a shoe,purses and more to go with these wacky toys.

I was provided with a $10 Toys R Us gift card to give away to a random winner.Each parent filled out a form and I folded them and let the youngest kid draw one out.The winner received the gift card and 3 additional guests received Fuzzoodles kits to take home with them! 

Everyone had a blast and many found a new item to add to their Christmas lists.Thanks to House Party Palooza for  sending us the kits,booklets and gift card for this event!

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