Saturday, November 6, 2010

My New Treasure

On the way home from the hospital the other night,I stopped by my grandparents house to drop off the items my grandmother ordered from the school fundraiser my oldest son,Gage, participated in recently.

While we were talking,she commented on my Marilyn Monroe handbag.Then she walked into her attached garage (we were in the kitchen) and got down a box and handed it to me.My grandmother is always popping up with things from Tupperware to Wilton,bead kits to scrap booking stuff but this was a good sized box,so I had no idea what it was.I open the box to find this-

Even in the middle of a catastrophe,she found a way to make me smile.I really do love Marilyn and my grandmother too!

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Yona said...

I LOVE Marilyn too and that is a really nice treasure!