Sunday, November 21, 2010

Check Off an Item On Your List and Brighten the Day of a Child in the Hospital with Swiss Colony

I was browsing the newest Swiss Colony catalog and came across the cutest deal
If you buy this set of 72 Petite Four Cakes for someone on your list,they will send the Gingerbread House to a child in a children's hospital in your region.I think this is a great idea and am ordering it for a couple people on my list.For only $29.95,you can send a 2 pound variety of Strawberry Shortcake,Royal Vanilla,Carrot Spice,Lemon Mist,Red Velvet and Chocolate Fudge Petite Four Cakes and a 1 pound decorated Gingerbread House too!

Imagine the delight on the face of that child when they get their own special delivery.Not to mention the delight of whoever gets the pleasure of eating the cakes. I just had conversations with both my mother and grandmother in the past 2 days about wanting to give something to a child we didn't know this year and not knowing how to go about it.Today I saw this,so I am taking that as a sign to order it.

Your gift recipient will get a note telling them about the Gingerbread House gift-it will be sent to the child in their name..they get a gift and the joy of giving and you get the joy of giving too.Plus whoever you send this to will get a note from the Children's Hospital thanking them for their gift.

Go check this out and spread the word..I bet someone you know will love this as much as I do!

*this is a personal post and not sponsored or compensated in any way

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