Monday, November 1, 2010

Now that's football! Steelers-vs-Saints

Did you watch that game? You know I did.Once again the boys have made me proud.No matter how the game ended,the Steelers,and the Saints as well,went out there and showed 'em how it is done.That is how you play football! What a game and on Halloween too,I am bouncing off the walls!

I am a hardcore Steelers fan,but I love to see good football and enjoy yelling at the TV during a great game.This was one hell of a game.Play after play,hit after hit these teams showed us why they have rings on their fingers.Drew Brees and Big Ben threw some great balls but did you see the hits in this game..fantastic.Flags or not,they were going for blood tonight.After a hard fought first quarter,the game just got better.This is one you had to see for yourself!

Congrats to the Saints on the win..they earned it! Happy Halloween!!

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