Monday, November 8, 2010

My Beloved Papaw-May You Rest in Peace

My grandparents at my moms 50th birthday-July 2010

I mentioned last week that my grandfather had been ill.After almost 4 weeks of brave fighting,he finally let go on Friday morning.The decision had been made on Tuesday to remove him from life support and he survived almost 3 more days.

My papaw was the most devoted and loving person I ever knew.In my entire life,I had never heard him raise his voice,he never punished us for anything, and he always had a smile for everyone.He had lived through polio,heart surgery and diabetes only to have it ended by complications from a fall.He was 81 and was getting new gutters down from the garage to put up on the house when he fell.I think he knew it was coming,he had spent the last few weeks doing things around the house ..things that my grandmother could never do alone.

Papaw spent his life in the church and had been waiting to meet his god for the past few years.I will miss him dearly and any extra strength you have to spare would be nice over the next few days,if you want to will it to me.I am going to need it.Not only was he my only grandfather,but he was the only constant man in my life from birth until now.

As we lay him to rest this week,I want to point out to you to take advantage of every opportunity you have in life.I was confidant that my grandfather would pull through this,just as he had everything else in his life.I put off seeing him because I had never known him to be weak and didn't want to see him that way.I will regret that forever.By the time I got to see him,he was sedated.He never came out of the sedation again and never knew that I had been there.Don't let this happen to you.Tell the people you love how you feel,take the time to get together more often,pick up the phone or just stop by.You never know when it will be your last chance.

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