Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Diamond Candles-Thanks Sneak Peeq!

I have been dying to try the Diamond Candles every since I saw a blog review about them months ago.I tried a few times to get some but they were sold out..every time.Until I found them on Sneak Peeq about 2 weeks ago.

If you aren't a member yet,I suggest checking it out.I used the awards I received for browsing the site previously and snagged these candles for a huge discount.I ended up grabbing a Strawberry Bliss for myself and one for my grandmother who has a birthday coming.I also grabbed a Cinnamon Roll for my mom.I got the Cinnamon one for under $15 and the Strawberry ones for $17 each.That is a big savings from retail and all for just being a member...which is free! If you need an invitation to join Sneak Peeq,send me an email.I have a few invites left I can share.

I couldn't resist burning my candle and had my ring within hours of receiving the package.Lucky for me it was right at the top of the jar.This is the ring I received.It isn't real,but is pretty,and the candle scent is amazing!
If you haven't tried Diamond Candles,I suggest grabbing one for yourself.They are fun to burn while waiting for your ring and the scents are wonderful! If you don't like the ring you get,you can post it on their Facebook page and trade for,or buy,one you like.

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am just sharing my finds with you.

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