Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TGI Distributon Software

One of the fastest growing markets in the world today is the distribution industry.No matter how advanced we may become,there will always be a need for the shipping and receiving of items.From business to personal matters,this is a service most people use and are grateful to have.Using a comprehensive software solution can improve customer service,reduce inventory costs and result in a better business performance.

Behind the scenes of any successful distribution service is a reliable and dynamic Distribution Software.From warehouse to delivery,each step involves large amounts of details and information necessary to perform the needed function.A well operating,integrated system is necessary to ensure full satisfaction in every area.In a competitive business world,where the details can make or break you,staying on top is a must.TGI products give you the edge that can allow you to do just that.

The Enterprise 21 ERP System by TGI is fully-integrated for use with small and mid-market businesses.The system delivers sales order management,warehouse management,manufacturing management,inventory control,procurement,customer relations and more,all in one convenient package.The system is designed to be flexible and configurable for maximum results catered to the specific needs of the user in question.

Unlike many similar systems out there,Enterprise 21 is developed,sold,integrated and supported exclusively by TGI.This enables TGI to deliver direct software solutions and and services to it's customers.The results of this technology are no confusion about the systems,no middleman to go through and no trouble knowing who to call for what.Everything you need can be found in one place,by the people who designed it.

When your business is on the line,you want solid,dependable service in every area.Incorporating a fluid,all- encompassing operating system allows you the complete control you need,without the stress and irritation of trying to do it all yourself.
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