Friday, March 9, 2012

The Remodel Continues..HELP!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever.I have been so busy with the renovations,it seems like I haven't had time to think.My house in in chaos,my budget is begging for relief and I am still not finished.Ugh.

I don't know if I have even mentioned this before,again,super busy,but just in case you want to be nosy like me,I will post some of the after pictures later.We have almost finished my bedroom.The new paint is on,the floor is finished and the ceiling fans are being hung as I type.Once the paint dries in my bathroom and the mirror and lights are hung,it will be finished..after 4 very annoying days.

Next week we will finish the kitchen,assuming my counter tops come in on time.I still have to find something to do with my cabinets,if anyone has any ideas.....With the extra I spent on the counters and breakfast nook,I am not sure what I am going to be able to do with them.

Also if anyone knows a really great place to find wall vinyl or decals,that would be great too.I would love to find a review contact to work with,but if not I still need some things.I am looking for trees in brown..not the leafy kid-looking kind,but more like the fall with no leaves type.I also need something for my bedroom ..I am thinking some type of quote with maybe a floral design around it.The walls are now green and it is a mans bedroom too,so nothing too girly.Any suggestions?

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