Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hermosa=Very Big Bling

I am not the biggest jewelry person,but I do like to have a few pieces to choose from when I want to wear it.My biggest issue is the cost.If it is going to spend most of it's time in my jewelry box,then I don't want to pay high prices for it.Of course,I understand the need to pay more if we are talking diamonds and pearls,but for everyday needs,I prefer silver and rhinestones.Who wants to lose a bundle at the lake,park or wherever else busy moms go?

I was browsing eBay looking for something pretty but inexpensive to wear and came across these two rings.When I saw then I thought they were beautiful,so I bid on,and won,both of them.

I waited for them to arrive and when they did,I was eager to open them.They are just as pretty as they looked in the photos,but were way to big for my taste.I couldn't tell this from the pictures,but the settings were huge and the stones were big and flashy.You can tell they are costume jewelry,which isn't always a bad thing,but in this case they are just too much for me.I guess it isn't a big loss,I think I paid about $20 total for them,but still I am disappointed that I don't have two new rings to wear..sniff sniff :(

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