Saturday, March 24, 2012

CrindelStar-Where the Universe Dreams and Keeps It Green-Plus Giveaway

Most little girls I know love unicorns and flowers and my daughter is no exception.When we received the story and song cards from CrindleStar,she was anxious to try them right away.I explained to her that it was too cold to plant the cards then,but that we could visit the website to learn more and try our code if she wanted until it got a little warmer.

"Created by Award Winning Music Publisher, Gigi de Lugo, CrindelStar is an inspirational audio story & theme song, about a young girl, Maria, who is facing peer pressure from her classmates to abandon believing in her precious unicorns. We learn through Maria’s encounter with a mystical creature, CrindelStar, that what she believes of herself creates the foundation of what she might ultimately contribute to the world through her life’s purpose and gift."

Using the card,and  code on the back,we were able to redeem it online in minutes,giving us the full MP3 story and song.I was excited that we could download the file and go back and listen to it again and again.I have to admit my daughter really wasn't into this part of it.I tried to get her to really sit down and listen,but it just wasn't happening.The story is very cute and the music is fun too,but I guess she had her mind set on those flowers too much to care.It did get lots of giggles and dancing from my nieces,so in the end,it was a success.

When you finish downloading the song,you tear the cards into pieces,soak them in water and plant them in light soil.Within a few weeks,you should have beautiful Black-Eyed Susans.No waste from packaging,and an eco-friendly result too.When you place your order online for the download, they will mail you a card to plant.Each card will have it's own code that you can share with someone else,so you get two downloads for the price of one!

One of you will get to try this yourself,thanks to CrindelStar and Mom Blog Society

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livivua chandler (my daughter and I would plant these together then I would give one to my neighbor)