Monday, March 26, 2012

My remodel progress ..

So I told you that I was working on remodeling my house,but I promised to share pictures and never have.The remodel is being done by my husband and myself and we are in no way professional contractors,but with a little  luck and a lot of work,it is coming along nicely so far.

We did most of my living room last summer,but because we have changed furniture since then,we will need to get new curtains.We did replace the ceiling fan with a new one from Lowe's and I like it much better than the one we had before.

My bedroom and bathroom received most of the work.We tore out the carpet and installed laminate flooring again from Lowe's.I chose the fire cherry color and was very pleased with the results.

We also changed the walls from grey to green,added a new mirror and light fixture over the sink and replaced the old shower curtain and rod with these cute little monkeys.

 My favorite thing are the new fans.We replaced the old one over the bed and added one in place of the light in the tub area too.They are nickel color to match the light and mirror with funky silver blades that work great with the room.The best part is that they are remote controlled.This way we can turn the light out from bed without having to get up,or turn the fan up or down if needed from the comfort of our pillow.They have dimmers in them too,which is great for allowing me to stay sleeping while the husband gets ready for work in the morning.
This is most of what we have accomplished so far.We are working on the kitchen now and I will show you more of that when I am finished.Anyone know a great place to get back splash for your kitchen or paint for cabinets at a good price?

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Terence Watthens said...

Although the living room looks dimmer, I can say that your bedroom and bathroom went through the right remodeling choices, especially with the newly-laminated floor. As for the kitchen and cabinets, you can go to a discount paint store or a home depot, since they usually give wholesale discounts.