Saturday, August 23, 2014

Surpahs Digital Body Scale Updated

If there is one item I have never really kept in my home before now, it would have to be a bath scale. Being a single mom with 3 kids, I was always working and taking care of them which didn't leave much time to worry about weight.

The past several years I have had multiple surgeries on my foot, leaving me stuck in bed and not walking for months each time. With nothing to do except sit, I noticed a change in my weight. It is hard to exercise or move around when you have to keep your leg elevated most of the time, so it didn't take long to put on a few pounds. 
Since being able to walk again, I have started to focus more on taking those pounds back off and getting into better overall shape. This was when I realized that having a scale at home would be a good addition to my arsenal. I could keep track of my weight loss, and would always have it there to remind me to watch what I was eating. When I was given the opportunity, I knew reviewing the Surpahs Digital Body Scale was a perfect fit for me.

This digital scale is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be moved easily or stored without taking up a lot of room. The large LCD display makes it easy to read from a standing position, instead of having to lean over to see your weight clearly. The display shows the whole pounds and the decimal so you can track your weight to two tenths of a pound. 

The scale is super easy to use too. It instantly turns on when you step on it and starts calculating. You have your results in seconds and you don't have to push any buttons or switches first. It is auto calibrated, so it comes ready to use and it turns itself off when you finish, so no wasting batteries. 

I have used this scale for a couple of months and it still performs perfectly. The scale remains intact and functioning as intended and I have only had to replace the battery once. I have had no issues of any kind and am still 100% pleased with this scale. 

*I received the mentioned  product for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 

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