Thursday, August 28, 2014

GearMaxx Screen Protectors Are Fantastic!!

I love having a top of the line phone because it allows me to do everything I do online, with only the touch of a finger. The downside to this is trying to keep your phone from getting damaged. You can keep it in your pocket, a case or whatever other place you deem safe, but that doesn't mean your screen will stay perfect.

I was fortunate enough to be sent screen protectors for my phone and my husbands from the fabulous people at GearMaxx. These not only protect your screen, but minimize the strain on your eyes by blocking 99% of UV rays emitted by your phone.

I first applied the cover to my husbands Galaxy S5 using the easy to follow instructions. The protectors are cut to specifically for each phone giving you a perfect fit every time and making it that much more simple to apply. Each kit comes with 2 screen covers so you have one to share or an extra one for yourself. The kit also includes a microfiber cloth, dust eraser and squeegee tool, meaning you have everything you need right in the package. 

The application process is simple. You wipe your screen to remove any dust and dirt and peel the first backing piece (labeled #1) from your screen protector about an inch or so. Next you flip the protector over and align with your screen starting at the top. Carefully press the top corners onto the screen in the correct place and peel the rest of the backing with one hand, while you press the rest of the protector down with the other. Use the included squeegee to gently push out any air bubbles. Once you have everything aligned correctly and all bubbles removed, peel off the #2 backing piece and you are done.

I had no issues applying these to the Galaxy S5 or to my HTC One M8. Both protectors were perfectly fitted to our phones and once applied they are amazingly clear. I noticed no change in the colors of the screens or in how they handled. The touch features still work perfectly and my screen looks great. 

My favorite part of the GearMaxx screen protectors is how nice they are. I have tried protectors in the past that were really flimsy and peeled back after a short period of use. These are a thicker variety and have not moved at all since being applied. I can rest comfortably knowing my screen is safe and if I ever want to change it or take it off for any reason, these protectors can be cleaned and used again!

GearMaxx offers protectors to suit your  tablet, notebook, gaming console and digital camera too. This means you can have the same quality protection on all of your devices! These particular covers can be purchased on ebay for only $11.99. The prices vary depending on the device, some being less and some being more, but I think they are well worth it!

* I received complimentary samples for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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