Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hasbro House Party Game Night

My kids and I love to play games. I can't really say my husband loves to play them, but he will suffer through it if I ask him to. We try to gather around the living room and play games when we are all home together. Sometimes we play a few of our normal favorites like Telestrations and Monopoly, and other times we mix it up with stuff like Twister and Cranium.

When I saw the chance to host a Hasbro Game Night house party, I knew it was perfect for a few friends and some new treats I planned to make. I invited the guests, made sure we had everything we needed and started on the menu. I wanted everything to be fun and relaxed, so I went with a colorful theme and easy to handle foods. I even made some of the new colored popcorn the kids loved. I thought the colors went well with the game theme.

We were sent Simon Swipe, Bop It Beats and Electronic Catch Phrase Decades to share with our guests. Everyone was interested to try the new versions of old favorites, so we got right to playing after everyone arrived. We tarted with Simon Swipe. This is sort of like the original version but you swipe across the colored areas instead of tapping them like before. You simply repeat the pattern as many times as you can. It is a little more difficult than it sounds though. Sometimes it directs you to swipe up and back, but if you don't do it exactly right, your game will be over. This was a great game for the younger kids because they just have to copy the colors and even if they mess up, they can just start again.

My personal favorite of the games was Bop It Beats. This is similar to the old game style but with modern music and more actions. Of course it directs you to Bop It, but it also has Scratch it, Flip It and more. When you flip it, a new song starts and you continue playing as before.  When your turn ends, this even tells you how many correct actions you had before making a mistake. The kids loved trying to outscore one another while taking turns playing this.

Catch Phrase decades is actually a group game. You choose your decade from 70's to 2010 and it provides you with a clue. One person acts out the clue and the others on their team try to guess it. If they guess correctly, you add a point to the corresponding team on the screen. The first team to 7 points wins.

*I received the games as a member of House Party. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 

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