Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Crazy Babies-Chasing the Rat

My children are the world to me.They never fail to make me laugh with the crazy things they do.This weekend we were staying at my sisters to visit and have a yard sale.My niece,Alyssa,had recently lost her rat due to mishandling by a friend,so she had gotten 2 new ones to replace her beloved Milkshake.

If you read my blog,you know my Reagan is a princess to the core.Not only does she act like she is royalty,she expects everyone else to treat her that way too.Sometimes,this can cause havoc and that is exactly what happened with Alyssa.Reagan was anxious to hold the new rats,but knowing her and her adversity to things crawling on her,I said no.Of course being Princess Reagan,she decided she was going to hold it anyway..for all of 3 seconds until it tried to crawl up her arm.Reagan proceeded to scream bloody murder and drop the rat to the floor where it scampered under the sectional.

My sister was unfazed by this,as Milkshake would run all over until he was put back in his cage.This,however,was a new rat,and instead, he decided to stay where he was.The rest of the day was spent looking for the rat all over the living room,kitchen,den and playroom to no avail.When it came night and time to settle down,we still had not found the rat.I might not have cared so much,but because of all the kids in the extra room,I was sleeping on the couch..yeah right above the rat.I have had mice as pets before..in a cage..but sleeping in the room with a loose rat was a little unsettling so I began to hunt for it again.

I finally found the rat hiding up in the underside of the middle piece of the sectional.The only problem was,there was no way to get to it.I lucked out when my sisters friend came in to get a drink( she was staying for the yard sale too).I talked her into helping me catch the rat but because she was afraid of it,she would only tip the sectional so it would slide down to where i waited to catch it.Yeah,easier said then done.After about 50 attempts to snag it,I finally managed to get hold of it and put it back in its cage.Then I laid down to sleep for the whole 4 hours left until yard sale time.

When morning came,I awoke to find the kids had gotten the rat out and yes,they let it go again! Where did it go..right back in the couch..grr.This time at least we knew where to look and how to get it so it only took about 10 minutes to capture it and return it to its cage,which I then rigged so the kids couldn't open it again.What a day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Serenity Giveaway #1-Nacho Mama Tees

I am super excited to bring you the first giveaway in my Summer Serenity event.I am working hard to bring you a few fun giveaways for the summer season.I have some lined up now and am looking for sponsors for more giveaways too.Be sure to check back often and enter to win!!

Today's giveaway is a $15.00 gift code to Nacho Mama Tees! With this giveaway prize,you can select from a variety of tees to suit your style.Nacho Mama Tees is a fun site to find the perfect gift for that hard to buy guy in your life,the crazy sister who has everything,or just for the kid in you! I found tons of shirts that I would get for myself..if,of course,I had unlimited funds to do so.

What I love about the site is the selection they offer.With categories like funny shirts,girl shirts,movie shirts and more,you are sure to find something to brighten the day of whoever receives these shirts! Now,on to the giveaway..

Mandatory Entry-
Follow me on Google Friend Connect-1 entry

Extra Entries-
Friend me on facebook (or already be a friend)-1 entry
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Vote for me on Picket Fence Blogs (widget on right sidebar)-1 entry
Visit Nacho Mama Tees and tell me your favorite shirt-1 entry

Giveaway open to US and ends on July 3rd at midnight.Please leave your user names (facebook,twitter,etc,)and email in comments so I can verify entries and contact winners.The prize was provided by Nacho Mama Tees and the opinions are my own.

Crazy Dog Tees Makes Me Happy

I am one of those people who don't care if someone else likes what it says on my shirt.I don't care if it offends anyone or if they think it is inappropriate.I don't feel this way to be rude or uncaring of the opinions of others,I feel this way because they words on my shirt are just that...words.They give me the chance to express myself,my thoughts and my opinions,and I damn well intend to take advantage of it.

That said,it is really no wonder why I like the selection from  Crazy Dog TShirts .They have tees that range from funny to rude,nostalgic to downright weird.I like the ease of browsing at Crazy Dog  as well.The site is set up for simple use and function.The categories are as described and you are able to narrow down your search in different ways.

My favorite category at Crazy Dog is the 80's shirts section.I love browsing the things from when I was a kid.I have even come across shirts from shows or movies that I had forgotten all about until I saw them on the site.The process is simple,ordering is a snap and delivery is super quick too-what more could a girl want? Some of the best shirts on the site in my opinion are this Gizmo shirt-
or how about the selection of Garbage Pail Kids shirts

They don't call it the 80's section for nothing! Looking through these shirts takes me back to being a kid when life was easy and everything was fun.Now that I am an adult with kids of my own and bills to pay,it is more difficult to let loose and be juvenile again,but thanks to Crazy Dog,I am able to do just that!

*I was given a shirt to assist in my review,no other compensation was received and the opinions are my own!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Green It Yourself With Green Works

You know I really give tons of thought to being more green.It is easy to think about it,but not always so easy to follow through with it.I have done some small things around my house to try and live a greener life,but today,thanks to Mom Bloggers Club, I learned some new ideas!

Did you know that the cracks in tile are a gathering place for bacteria? For this reason,it is recommended that you use a smooth,flat and recycled if possible surface for your kitchen countertops.

Replacing your range hood is a great way to ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen.This not only eliminates smoke or odors in the house,but also keeps any built up gunk from falling on your food while it cooks!

Using ceramic or cast iron products lets you cook BPA free.This is my favorite tip because it is easy,makes sense and it something that we can all do.You can usually pick up these items for a small cost or even check out your local thrift store for some fabulous finds too.Let's face it,we all have to eat,so why not do it green and healthy?

There are lots more tips and tricks and you can find them on the Green Works facebook page!

*This post in an entry to win a Clorox® Green Works® giveaway on the Mom Bloggers Club.No other compensation was received.

My Smilebooks Experience

I have a new task that needs my attention.I realized I seriously need to organize my photos.I,like many others,love to have pictures to preserve memories...any memories...all memories..you get the idea.I take lots of pictures every chance I get.Sometimes,I need to upload a photo for something but don't remember what file it is in. I do this at least weekly.I have a bad habit of letting the photos sit on my phone for weeks and end up with folders of various mixed pics.I had this experience recently when making a book with Smilebooks.

I was given the chance to create a personalized photo book using their unique photo book creator.In the past,I have had experience with these types of  products and usually liked the results,but let me tell you,I loved making this one! I decided to take the opportunity to make a book for my husband.It's usually me behind the camera and yet somehow,I have few pictures of my sexy man. I did,however,end up with quite a cute book full of photos of our best moments,family times,holidays and more.

I love the Smilebooks editor.Using the awesome software,I was able to choose everything from how many pictures were on a page to how they were laid out.I could pick softcover or hard.I could select from lots of different backgrounds,add clip art,even insert my own text wherever I liked.I used layouts from 1  large photo per page up to about 12,but you can do more if you like.The backgrounds were great too.I included poinsettia,hearts,the beach,clouds,a sunset and more for my book. Using the text editor,I created titles for the pages and the book itself, and even dates or notes on the photos.You can even adjust the position of each picture so you get just the shot you want for the book.

The creation process was quite simple,once I got the hang of it.I was able to totally finish my book in about 2 days.This might seem like awhile to some but I am very specific.You can also use the templates for a faster creation if you like.Ordering was a snap,I entered my information and had a confirmation email right away.I was amazed to receive a shipping email just 2 day later! This was super fast for a custom book and I was excited for it to arrive.

I happened to receive the book when my sister was visiting so we sat down to review it before giving it to the husband.I liked that it was packaged in a sleeve to prevent scratches,attached to a backing and wrapped in plastic.This was then put into a box for shipping.My book arrived perfect with no scratches or flaws.She was so pleased with it,she asked for the information so she could check them out herself.

My husband will receive his book today.I am sure he will love it just as I did! For that special someone in your life or just a keepsake for yourself,be sure to check out Smilebooks!!

*I was given a sample book to assist in my review.No other compensation was received and a positive review was not required.The opinions are my own.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Next-the House Cleaning Horror Story

So I told you that I quit my job.Just because I am not working full time,doesn't mean I am not working.My sister and I have lined up a few things we are doing for extra cash this summer.We have kids..they like to go to the water park,the zoo,camping,the fair or festival of the week etc,etc,etc.We figure,why not get some things done that we need to do anyway and get busy earning some cash.I will tell you more about those later but now I want to tell you about our recent experience.

My sisters' boyfriend mentioned to her that his mom needed someone to clean out one of her houses.She calls me up and asks if I want to help her clean..I am thinking basic cleaning so I agreed.

When we arrived,the house looked fine from the outside..no trash in the yard or piles of junk so I am thinking,ok a few hours work,tops and we are done.Then I walked in the door.We walked in the kitchen to find so many dishes you couldn't see the counters at all.The floor had a walkway through the piles of trash and their was a smell I couldn't identify.We walked through into the dining room which consisted of more trash,a table that would have been really nice,had you been able to get to or sit at it,and other assorted treasures.The only things I could make out in the living room were the couch,chair and television..well that and an inch-thick layer of dust everywhere.

Once we got cleaning we discovered there was a rug for the living room buried in the trash,there were actually multiple stands and end tables among the living room/dining room mess as well. We found games for the Playstation (yeah the original one),board games like classic Life and Hangman from about 20 years ago,books and magazines from the 80's,we even found canned food in the kitchen from as far back as 2003!

When all was said and done,we had removed about 15 industrial sized bags of trash from the 3 rooms along with about 10 boxes that had been filled with random junk.We managed to accumulate about 3 baskets of laundry and an entire tote full of shoes.We spent about 12 hours on this portion of the job,now there is still the basement and upstairs to do as well,but I don't think I am going to be part of that one..I had to scrub in the shower for ever just to feel clean again after our first trip!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Zombie Love with Costume Squad

So my oldest son,Gage,has a fascination with Zombies.I guess I can't complain because he gets it  honest.Instead, I decided to embrace his quirkiness and get him a shirt he would really like.I am open to  expression of personality,but being that he is just turning 10,I had to limit the shirt to something zombie related,yet not a blood covered murder scene.

I was able to chose from a variety of shirts at Costume Squad to find just what I wanted.Thankfully, they had a nice selection of zombie themed shirts to fit my needs.I ended up choosing this Zombie Apocalypse shirt for Gage.It gets the point across without being too much.
While I was browsing,I almost changed my mind a few times.They had some really great shirts that I wanted for me- like this Garbage Pail Kids shirt.I remember collecting the cards and watching the movie..ahh..this takes me back!

How about this Thundercats shirt? My husband has this one and he loves it!

..but in the end,I got him the zombies.

The shirt arrived within a few days of ordering and was exactly like the picture.I showed it to my husband first and guess what...now he wants one too.Sigh....men!

I was extremely pleased with my Costume Squad experience.From browsing to ordering,customer service to shipping..I had a pleasing trip with Costume Squad.Not only do they provide excellent service but true to the name-they have costumes too!

*I was provided with a choice of shirt to assist in my review.I was not compensated in any other way,nor was a positive review required.The opinions are my own.

Monday, June 13, 2011

No More Deli Work For Me

I quit my job Thursday.I know that probably sounds selfish in these times when so many people are out of work ,but it's the truth.I took enough,dealt with numerous issues and tolerated entirely too much bullshit in my time there and I am done with it.

I need a new job,any ideas? Anyone live in or close to Circleville,Ohio and need a hard working,dedicated,fun-loving mom to work for them? I can type,file and fax.I can cook,scrub and serve.I can work a register,man the phone,design the display,advertise the sale and work the crowd.I can maintain chaos,calm irritation,soothe fears,dress wounds and all the other fun stuff moms do too,but I doubt anyone will hire me for those!

Don't Eat the Roosters Burrito!

So yesterday, I ate at a Roosters restaurant for the first time.I like to try different places when we go out to have a little variety in my life,so this time my husband chose Roosters.

When I walked in,I was a little surprised to see so many kids in there,as it had always seemed more an adult place to me.The atmosphere was loud with about 10 different televisions playing a blend of stocks,news and sports.Because it was just the two of us,and we planned to stay awhile,we both ordered a Budweiser while we browsed the menu.

We decided to order the cheesy fries for an appetizer and when they arrived,I was thrilled with them.I could have used a little more cheese sauce,but for me,there is never enough of that hot,gooey delicious cheese.They were fresh cooked curly fries covered in cheese and topped with real bacon pieces...yum!

For my main dish,I followed my desire to go for something new( instead of the club sub I had my eye on )and ordered the Roosters burrito instead.My husband had the same and we finished our beer and fries while we waited.When the burritos arrived, I was shocked at how big they were.We could have shared and had plenty! I was a little surprised that we had paid an extra $.80 each for them to be "smothered in cheese sauce" and we actually received a few drizzles across the top of it,but hey,again,I like cheese. I cut my first bite,put it in my mouth and about threw it back up.The description said chicken breast with chilli,cheese,tomatoes,lettuce and sour cream in a burrito smothered in cheese.What we got was chicken,chilli beans with no meat or sauce at all,chopped lettuce that had been fried with the chicken so it was mushy and hot,tomato water (which had made the bottom of the burrito soggy and which I assume was supposed to be the rest of the "chilli") and a tad of shredded cheese inside the burrito.This was topped with our drizzled cheese sauce,the diced tomato and green onion.I ate that bite and no more.My husband did eat about half of his and yes,they did comp my meal,but still I was disappointed.

I would go back again,and try a different meal,but not on an important occasion like this was-it was our night out for my husbands birthday and I left starving!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Movie Reviews-Unthinkable

I haven't done these in quite awhile.We usually rent movies to watch on the weekends because that is when we have the most time to do so.The kids,of course, like to get the newest comedy or animation movies,but my husband and I prefer the more mature films.

I don't know if you have heard of the movie Unthinkable,but if you haven't seen it yet,I highly recommend doing so.Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen and Carrie-Anne Moss. It was released direct-to-video in June of last year.
I will say,this movie is not for everyone.If you are sickened by torture,blood or the acts of terrorists,you may not want to watch this movie.However,if you want to see a film that tells what we really do with the people accused of terrorism against America,run to Blockbuster and grab a copy! I am not saying what happens is right,or that it should have to happen to anyone.I am just saying,in times of absolute desperation,people will do things they never imagined and this movie shows you what they are.

The story tells of a man who says he planted bombs in the United States.He gets himself arrested and informs them of his actions and the situation he has created.While agents are trying to uncover the location of the bombs,the man is tortured,abused and threatened.I was not so surprised by this,we see it in movies all the time.What I was surprised by was the eventual acceptance of the actions by our portrayed government.There was no sugar-coating in this one!

America's Got Talent...Sometimes

Ok,I have a confession.I like America's Got Talent.I know,I know..yet another television competition...but,I can't help it,I always see the coolest shit on that show.I mean,seriously,did you watch it today? From sassy little rappers to awesome dance teams,it was a great show!

I have another confession.I watch the audition shows to laugh at the crazy people who think they have talent.I do the same thing with American Idol.Some dumb idiot gets on stage and sings like a herd of dying cattle and expects us to be impressed...hah! I love when people can bring the room to it's feet with their talent too,but watching the dummies is,by far, the best.

I will continue to watch the show until either I get bored with it or it ends,whichever comes first.What about you? Do you watch these kind of shows? Do you make it through to the end or quit watching somewhere in the season?