Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trying to Master Heelys Before it Snows

My youngest son,Aiden,has been asking for Heelys for quite awhile now.I was a little hesitant about getting him some because he doesn't have the best balance in the world.Of course,when I was offered a pair to review,I instantly thought of him.I let Aiden pick which pair he liked best and he selected these awesome black and white Heelys.We went with the new HX2 style because they are for younger kids and beginners.We figured once he got the hang of them,we could remove the front wheel and he could use them like the original version.I love that you can take the wheels all the way out using the provided tool and wear these like shoes.This is perfect for a skating trip,they can wear the shoes to the location,snap in the wheels to use them and snap them back out again in seconds.Aiden didn't have any trouble with the wheels and was able to put them in right the first try.

Aidens first experiment with these went a little crazy.I was helping him learn to balance on them when our neighbor stopped me to talk for a second.Aiden decided to try and take off on his own and ended up on his rear with scraped elbows and a sore bottom.I would suggest using knee and elbow pads and a helmet if using these outside, for the first time,or if you have a clumsy kid like I do.He is getting better at it but he hasn't mastered it enough to get a video like I wanted to do.He is able to use them on our wood and laminate flooring but not so well outdoors yet.My step children both have a pair and they can zoom around on them like they are floating on air.I am always cringing when they use them but so far we haven't had any other accidents.

This is a great item to add to your Holiday shopping list this year.What a nice surprise under the tree! Heelys 2011 Fall/Winter collection has many new styles to choose from,plus the exclusive Nano footboard. This first ever, inline footboard provides a stable setting for your front foot,while allowing your other foot to  help you speed up,make turns and perform tricks.

                                                              Black Friday Special!! 
Between Nov.25th and 28th, you can buy any pair of Heelys and get the second pair for only $25 or buy a Nano and get a pair of shoes for $ FREE ground shipping on all orders!!

* I received a pair of Heelys as a member of Business to Blogger for review purposes.No other form of compensation was received and the opinions are my own.

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