Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shutterfly Family Photo Days

It's that time of year again,time to start making lists,buying gifts and preparing for the Holidays.One of the big stressors during this time is getting pictures taken.We all know how hard it can be to get the perfect family photo,and there always seems to be something in the way.It can be a disaster trying to get everyone together and looking their best to achieve the exact look you want for your Christmas Cards.

Shutterfly has come up with a way to make this a little easier for us all.Throughout November,Shutterfly is hosting Family Photo Days. This creative website offers ideas,support and more to help you accomplish the impossible and get that perfect picture you have always wanted.There are videos to help you decide on location,posing and even creating your Holiday Cards as well as tips and tricks to achieve just the right look for your family.

The site doesn't stop at ideas for your photos either, there is also a section for finding a photographer,and a fabulous section on finding others who are doing the same thing as you.There is a locator to help you find local Family Photo Days groups so you can join in and be part of the fun.Simply type in your zip code and they do the rest.I found mommy groups,play date groups and even single parent groups using the locator.This is a great way to find others to discuss your thoughts and ideas with and who knows,you may even walk away with some new friends as well.

I have a few tips of my own for a great family photo..

1.Don't try to be something you are not...
If your family is more comfortable in jeans and sweatshirts,incorporate that into your photo instead of trying to cram everyone in ties and dresses and end up with an uncomfortable looking bunch.

2.Be creative with your background...
Have a favorite sports team,vacation site or party theme? Try finding a background to match or creating your own that reflects who you are instead of using the typical fireplace scene or Santa hats theme you normally use.

3.Plan your photos at a time that works for everyone...
Scheduling your photo shoot at a time when the baby takes their nap or the kids just come home from school is most likely not a good idea.Try to make it during a time when everyone has had a chance to unwind from their day,or early enough that you won't end up with cranky kids or haggard looking parents in your photos.

Don't forget to enter the Holiday Photo Contest when you visit the site.There are 5 categories where 5 different winners will receive a years worth of cards.Plus you get 5 free cards just for entering!

I will receive a code for 50 great cards from Shutterfly for helping them spread the word about this great site.No other forms of compensation were received.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by, or required for, receiving products.

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