Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hex Bugs

I had never even heard of Hex Bugs until about 2 years ago,but now we have tons of them in our home.My kids just love these things.The boys love to race them and try to make them do tricks,follow courses and whatever else they can come up with,while my daughter just likes chasing them around.Go figure,it's the only time that prissy girl even gets close to any kind of bugs.

This year,thanks to Mom Select, we were given a chance to try the new HexBug Nano Elevation 3D Glow-in-the-Dark Habitat Set,the glow in the dark Halloween Hex Bug Nanos and more.My boys were  excited to try the glowing track and constellation themed bugs as well as the super cool coffin-dwelling Halloween Hex Bugs.

The glowing Hex Bug Nano is available in a variety of colors and comes in  individual tubes just like the original.The Halloween Hex Bug is my all time favorite though.These black bugs come with a removable,glowing skeleton piece and come complete in orange and black coffins.The lids to these pop off and you can even keep them to store your creepy,skeleton bug in for later.These were a big hit at our house and my 2 sons friends all wanted bunches of them to keep too! We were sent extra bugs to share,so we did get to hand these out at our party.I was surprised that even the little girls were excited to get in on this one.In the end each child received a Halloween Coffin Bug to take home and use to scare mom,dad or someone else with.

The track in the new sets is very neat too.This version is black instead of grey and has a glowing strip down the center of each piece.I tried to get a video of the bugs racing on it,but for some reason I couldn't pick up the glow without flash.Since using flash kind of defeated the whole glow in the dark thing,I can't show you how neat they are to use in the dark,but trust me it is crazy trying to keep track of your bug with a bunch of them running around in the pitch black.

 The kids had a blast building and re-building different racks.The used their old sets combined with the new ones and made a variety of play areas for their bugs.These were really a big hit with all the kids and I expect some of the kids to ask for them for Christmas.I know my boys have already asked for more and were really excited to see the larva bugs.We were only sent a few of these,so we used them for game prizes.They were a little dissapointed that they didn't get to keep them,but were sure to add them to their Holiday wish lists.
 All in all the kids were thrilled with their newest additions and the guests who had never seen them or didn't have any were really happy to get some to take home.I have already had a couple of calls and questions about where to get them and how many varieties there are,so I know a few neighborhood children who will be opening these on Christmas morning.I see a trading party coming up next so they can switch around until everyone has the exact colors or styles they want.

*A special thanks to Mom Select who provided all the items mentioned for our party.No other forms of compensation were received and all opinions are my own.

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