Friday, August 26, 2011

Playing With Fire

*This post is intended for adults only.If you are underage or sensitive to adult content-CLICK AWAY NOW!

I love a good book.I love to read a book when it is nice and quiet and I am all alone.I enjoy reading in the bubble bath,relaxing in a chair or even lying in bed.There are some books,however,that you just might prefer to read with your mate close by.

I was sent a copy of Playing With Fire to review thanks to  Good Vibes, and I must say...BRAVO.Now I know some of you probably don't care for this type of book,and that is ok.However,I also know, many of you are dying for something that makes you want to jump in bed with your lover and get busy.Not to say that you wouldn't anyway,but really,a hot story gets the juices flowing that much faster.This collection of short stories is sure to have one that will work for you..or more than one!

I am not going to deny that this book is scandalous..but that is the point.If you want a soft,nice story..this is not the book for you.Playing With Fire embraces the bad in all of us.From fantasy filling to pure,raw sex,this book has it all.There were one or 2 stories that I wasn't really fond of.It could be that I just didn't get it,or got distracted while reading it,so I am not going to say that EVERY story was great.With a collection like this, though,that's still a huge win for me.I call this 230 pages of foreplay..try reading it with a partner or take turns reading to each other..I bet you both win!
This is just one of the many great items offered by Good Vibes.They also have a  great line of sexy gifts and games and a nice variety of sex toy kits for extra fun!

* I was provided the mentioned item to assist in my review.The opinions are my own.

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