Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mamaw Turns 70

Mamaw,in case you didn't know,is my maternal grandmother.We are strange in this family..we don't go by our correct names.My grandmother has been Mamaw all my life.Her mother,who is now 92, is know to us as,Mother,my mom is called Ganny by the kids and my grandfather was Papaw.

 Anyway,my Mamaw turned 70 on Sunday.It started with her asking for a gathering at my cousins,and ended up with the family luau birthday instead.With my cousin recently married,and my sisters and I having families,this was the first time we were all together for a birthday in about 5 years,some of us even longer!
My cousin,Sara,just had her new home built and because my grandmother had asked her to be the host,we all went there.This was the first time some of the family had ever met my children (I know that's sad,but true),and they were well entertained to say the least.

The cake was Raspberry filled white cake..yum! We had hot dogs,BBQ pork,fruit kabobs,cake truffles,hawaiian bread and spinach dip,beans,pasta salad and more.My Mamaw got some great gifts including cash and gift cards,home interior products,soaps and a windchime from the kids,my son even made her a jewelry box,which the kids filled with mardi-gras style bead necklaces. Great food,plenty of laughs and an all around good day were had by all.I guess we will have to do it again sometime soon!

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