Monday, August 8, 2011

Bedroom Hot with Eden Fantasys

This is an adult post.I try not to be too graphic,but still,this is intended for viewers over the age of 18!!
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
I noticed a few days ago that I was in dire need of a few replenishment for my "Fun Box".I like to keep it spicy in the bedroom and my favorite way of doing that is through a variety of toys,accessories and gadgets.One of my favorite places to find fun,new items is Eden Fantasys.

As an Eden Fantasys Ambassador,I have had multiple chances to try not only their products,but the service as well.I love browsing the site for little items to surprise my husband with.I can search by theme,item,even gender to find just what I want or need right away.One of the things I love to shop for is new bedtime garments.What man doesn't love to come home from a hard nights work and find his wife in bed wearing some sexy lingerie right? For something cute but simple I suggest this Blue Babydoll and g-string...
This is a classic look that is well suited for may body shapes.The skirted bottom allows for a flirty look while not leaning toward childish.Or,if you want more naughty, role-play action,how about sexy Little Miss Muffet...

Perfect for in the bedroom or out of it as well...think Halloween! I know my husband wouldn't mind me wearing this for a sweet treat on Halloween! There are many other sexy costumes to chose from for your costume needs, be it a perfect party or private show.Even something as simple as a bra and panty set can be fun if you get the right one.From girly to daring,Eden Fantasys has you covered!

*I will receive a gift code for posting about my Eden Fantasys experiences.Stay tuned..I will be offering this code as a giveaway soon! I am posting as an Eden Fantasys Ambassador and all opinions are my own from personal experience.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
**For anyone interested in working with them please go to Eden Fantasys Ambassador Program and sign up.You can try out these fabulous products for yourself!

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