Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our DaGeDar party was a success!

DaGeDar..have you heard of them? I admit I hadn't until I was given the chance to host a  DaGeDar Party thanks to Mom Select. DaGeDar are the newest in fun for boys and girls alike.When I opened my package and saw all this,I was as excited as the kids to try it out.

Because this party was geared for boys the same age as my Monkey,I agreed to let him run the show.Mom Select sent enough supplies to invite a few of his friends and allow them all to have something to take home.The kids were excited to try something new,none of them had any idea what DaGeDar was about and when they saw the super size ball bearings with their awesome designs,they couldn't wait to get their hands on them!

We began by building the track and launcher so they could race.Assembling the track was pretty easy and within minutes we were ready to go.The next step,of course,was deciding who got which DaGeDar.Each of the kids saw one that they really wanted,and keeping it fair is always a must in our house.I decided to number them and have the kids draw numbers for packs.Then they were allowed to trade around until everyone was happy.

The kids started by playing the basic racing game.This is done by 2 players dropping their balls into the racing track at the same time and the first one to finish the track wins.After a few rounds of this,they decided to play the Score Zone Challenge.This was done by going in rounds.We used the launcher for this one to add a little variety.The balls circled the track and landed in the score zones.We added their scores and the one with the most points at the end of 7 rounds was the winner
The cool thing about DaGeDar,is you can make up your own rules and create your own versions of the game.This allows the kids to experiment and use their imaginations too.The favorite of the items was definitely the Vortex Spinner.Using the spinners,you can engage in DaGeDar Battle and the last man standing wins.

The only complaint I had about the item at all was that the top part of the track was a little unbalanced.This made it difficult to keep it standing upright unless someone was holding the end.I assume it is made this way to allow for variance in the launching.By holding the end higher or lower,you can control the speed and angle of the ball.The kids never even noticed this,maybe because they were too busy having fun playing it to care.I do think if you wanted to leave the track assembled and standing between games,it would be beneficial to have an additional piece or prop to set that end on,but other then that,DaGeDar was a huge hit!

There are currently 6 different sets to choose from,as well as a variety of accessories to use with them.The Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway is next on our list.My boys have already requested more of these for Christmas,so I see many more DaGeDar races in my future!

* I received the mentioned items to assist in my review.No other forms of compensation were received.The opinions are my own and that of my children and are in no way influenced by receipt of said items.

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