Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Movie Reviews-Sanctum

I waited forever for Sanctum to come out so I could see it.I really need to stop watching previews so I won't have the desire to see soo many movies.

Anyway,I was excited to see this and settled down to watch.The movie starts with Josh (Rhys Wakefield) heading into the jungle where his dad (Richard Roxburgh) has a forward base camp inside the cave they have been exploring.After Josh reaches the bottom,they discover a storm has hit and they cannot reach the others at the top of the cave.Trapped below,with the water rising,the crew has to find another way out.

I won't tell to much of what happens so I won't ruin this for anyone else.I will just say that while trying to find a way to escape,the members of the diving party have to explore parts of the cave never gone into before.Through some surprise twists and expected outcomes,the movie spirals into a fight to survive.

There are a few great scenes in the movie and a couple I could have done without.I think, all in all, it was worth seeing.I would even watch it again because I always seem to catch something new when I watch a movie a few times.I liked the unexpected parts and there are some beautiful scenes inside the cave.About halfway through, I had figured out the ending, but I was still captivated enough to watch it the whole way through without getting up,which is rare for me.I wouldn't pay a ton to see this but it is worth the cost of renting or PPV.

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