Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mabel's Labels Ultimate Back to School Combo

With school back in full swing, we have already begun to hear the words, "Where is my" and I can't find". It seems like something is always either missing, or mixed up somehow. My boys are forever getting the wrong socks and boxers, even though they are different sizes. I tried marking tags different colored markers, but not all items have tags to color, leaving me with the chaos of a million mismatched pieces that need sorted.

 Instead of dealing with the clothing drama, I found these cute clothing labels for my younger son from Mabel's Labels. I figured this would make sorting their clothes that much more simple, and he would enjoy the cute characters too. The Ultimate Back to School Combo includes a variety of label items for him to use in colorful, personalized designs.

In this combo pack you get-

40 Skinny Minis labels that are dishwasher and microwave safe
50 tag Mates for clothing that are washer and dryer safe
16 Shoe Labels which are waterproof ans UV resistant
2 Teeny Tags that are waterproof and UV resistant

The first thing we tried was sticking these to Aiden's clothing. This would allow him to sort his own clothes quickly and with less hassle. The labels attached easily and worked great on the tags to his boxers, shorts and jeans. We don't normally have problems with shirts, since the boys have such different styles. We did try the labels on a few just to see how they worked on ones with no tags. They did stick well on tees and button shirts, but they bunched with the material of his athletic tops. They are that silky moisture wicking material, so we actually  didn't expect them to work with those at all.  

We used the shoe labels on his flip flops and sport shoes. They worked great with both styles and even helped when he had to change shoes for gym. He left his on the floor and had the same shoes as another kid in his class. When the kid grabbed the wrong shoes, he knew right away from the label inside that is was not his, and who it belonged to. 

Aiden loved the labels but his favorite part of this package was the two Teeny Tags. These little tags arrive complete with rings for attaching them. These work perfectly hooked to the zippers of backpacks and lunchboxes. It makes them easy to identify and adds a little flair to their stuff too. This matters to kids anyway, but especially when they can only have limited styles, colors or designs due to school rules. This little touch of personality is a big plus and a hit with all their friends.

Aiden found a ton of uses for his labels both at home and at school. He put them on folders, notebooks, binders and even his locker. He used them to mark all of his supplies like colored pencils and pencil sharpeners and even used them to mark his project for science. At home he labeled his storage containers, his collection boxes of cards, rocks and gems and his finished Lego creations too.

Mabels Labels offers options for preschool through tween and even ones for household use too like spice, craft and canister labels. You can select from solid color and designed label options, fun characters and more.

*We were provided with the sample items for review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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