Friday, September 12, 2014

Have You Seen the Crayola Paint Maker??

My kids love to be creative. They love drawing, sketching and sculpting with clay just as much as crafting, beading and doing scrapbooks. If it involves originality or personality, they are all about it. When I saw the chance to review the Crayola Paint Maker through Expo, I knew my daughter would love it.

The kit comes with the white base paint, 15 individual snap lid containers for paint, color chips, a brush and paper as well as the mixing machine, storage trays and travel handle. You can literally create, paint and take it on the go, using just the items in the box.

When you first open the Crayola Paint Maker box, there is a small bit of assembly. You have to snap the side pieces to the machine base using the provided clips to create your whole workstation. This provides a slot for each little pot of finished paint and a place for your brush, paint chips and larger base paint bottle.

The process is very simple. You fill each of the paint pots to the fill line and add your desired paint chip color combination. The kit includes 25 strips each of red, blue and yellow paint for a total of 75 paint strips. The color chart shows example colors and how many strips of each color is needed to create them.

Using the kit is simple. You fill a paint pot to the marked line with the white paint. next you decide on the color you are making and the number of chips you need to make it according to the chart. You drop the chips into the pot, close the lid and insert it into the correct spot on the mixer, twisting it to lock into place. You then rotate the handle, causing the mixer to go up and down to mix the paint. We noticed that sometimes the paint doesn't mix all the way, but we just used the brush to stir it so we got the right color blend. 

When finished, you decide on a color name, write it on the label and attach it to the paint pot for you own custom color creations.

My only issue with this was there is no place to carry the paper with you unless you tuck it down in between one of the sides and the base. It doesn't stay there very well and it folds the paper which my daughter hates. The other thing I noticed is that the tray for paint chips opens when carrying. We didn't lose any chips but it was a concern and I found myself watching to see if they fell out as she walked. 

* I received a sample item to do a video review through Expo. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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