Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Omni Herbals Virility 3000 Male Enhancement Formula

We all know as men get older, they sometimes have problems with their performance in the bedroom. From issues staying alert to rapid performances, men can develop multiple changes as they age. This can be quite an issue for some people, but it can be easily corrected with products like Virility 3000.

This 100% natural herbal supplement is created with a blend of over a dozen herbs and vitamins believed since ancient times to be sexual aids. Virility 3000 is specially formulated to counteract erectile dysfunction, assisting the user in achieving longer lasting erections safely. This special blend allows the penis to become firmer and stay that way longer, thanks to a greater blood flow.

  1. Achieve and maintain rock hard erections
  2. Extra endurance to help attain peak sexual performance
  3. Helps to cause intense ejaculations and even multiple orgasms
  4. Boosts sexual stamina and thwarts premature ejaculation
  5. Increases your libido, sexual thoughts and desires
  6. All-natural way to deal with nagging sexual issues
  7. Promotes optimal sexual health with no side effects
We gave this a try just because I was offered some for review. Not actually being in need of this, we weren't quite sure what to expect. We didn't notice anything at first, but after 15 days or so, we began to notice an increase in desire for my husband. After seven years, we don't have any problems in this department, but when we noticed an increase in his desire, we figured we might as well finish the bottle to achieve maximum results

All in all I thought it made a small, but fun, change to our normal routine. We probably increased our activity by 25% and it has stayed that way even after finishing the supplements. We didn't feel a need to purchase more of this now, but if it ever becomes an issue, now we know where to start!

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