Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Baby Boy is 11

My youngest son turned 11 last week and we celebrated his birthday this weekend. I guess I should have selected a different time because everyone had plans already or had to work. It didn't turn out to be the crowd I planned for, but he still had a great day.

Aiden is a big fan of Minecraft, so he wanted to go with that theme for his party. of course, since it is so new,, I couldn't find anywhere that carried actual Minecraft themed items. I ended up having to order a pinata from an Etsy store. It turned out cute, but didn't hold up to well from the beating and it fell and had to be retied several times.

I managed to get a friend who teaches cake decorating classes to do a cake with the pickaxe on it like he wanted. I thought it was pixelated but I guess I don't know everything because he said it was right. It doesn't matter since he liked it, but it is a good thing I am still confined to the wheelchair or I would have made it wrong. Since walking is out, I ordered this one and that turned out to be the best solution.

Aiden only asked for one main gift, a new XBox so he could play...yep, you guessed it, Minecraft. He wanted the system and the game and he ended up with both and more.

All in all he managed to get 7 games, the system, a few toys, a slip n slide and $50. That was only from us and 2 grandparents, so he still has some people to see. .

It is so crazy to see my youngest son turning 11. My boys are getting old so quickly and my princess is not far behind. :(

                                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDEN!!!

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