Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Love This Super Mario Bros Pinata Bundle!

With my sons birthday coming soon, I have been on the hunt for a fun pinata for his party. While browsing blogger applications, I saw the chance to review this awesome Super Mario Brothers pinata. Developed by Nintendo, Super Mario has been around for ages and is a favorite in our house. Aiden loves Mario, so I thought I would give it a try. If it turned out well, I could grab another one before his party. 

This pinata arrives almost flat but has strings around the outer edge. When you are ready to fill it, you simply pull each string until it locks in. When they are all pulled tight, you add the treats and get ready for smashing fun. 

When the package came, the kids were excited to fill it up so they could bust it open. I had to calm them down just to get these photos for the post! I didn't know that the balloon actually had two different pictures to choose from. You could choose to put either Mario or Luigi facing outward when you used it. This pinata kit even came with the candy to fill it and a mask to make bashing time more fun.

We decided to use the Mario side and attached it to the pinata base with tape. We filled it with the entire bag of candy provided, plus some extra items I had left from recent parties. The pinata held up perfectly under the weight and didn't collapse or stress anywhere. 

The balloon was quick to come off when they started swinging, but that could be my fault for how I attached it. This was my first time using a balloon pinata and I wasn't exactly sure how to use it. I think it worked out great and would buy this bundle again anytime!

If you are looking for a fun Pinata and Filler for your party, I suggest looking into these bundle deals. Having everything arrive in one package made using this a snap. Just open the box, fill and smash!

*I was provided with a sample item for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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